jueves, 25 de septiembre de 2014



Dos DVDs del sello Star en formato AVI.

DVD 1: https://mega.co.nz/#!4oJwWAZK!8rz4PaURh2wApC0nB5HUIv4ZdKUxhomai4pJRNdDFNg
DVD 2: https://mega.co.nz/#!woJ1RKxC!jezOPEFU831orDW947WsBwL7rhtodQdYEHJFvcvJhC0

Crédito: "Colaborador de Tennessee" - Gracias !!!

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  1. Ty Tennessee for this one - best regards sent - even tho it was the end of his shortlived career and Life he still had a Voice . this is surely an epitaph of his career - This is a good dvd frm the Star dvd productions team .
    Long Live The King - 37 years and beyond - Amen -

  2. Please not call DVD when you upload AVI ????? Where did you go to school? You think Mp3 and FLAC are the same also.

  3. My dear Anónimo: very well differentiate the files and you have to understand that this blog offers free download to those who want materials. I went to school and got education, but that does not make me more generous. If you do not want to download the materials because you do not consider yourself the quality you want is your decision, but you exigo the same respect that I have with everyone.

  4. Im not being argumentative in any way - I feel that Tennessee and all do their very best in providing material here - Just be thankful fans as Jose says -these are free downloads if you cant afford to get them in the first place due to financial difficulties - etc - im not being negative in any way - please enjoy all on this good blog and appreciate whats being offered here - ty Tennessee and Jose Alfonso Ruccisano for your support and materials here - As a loyal and devoted fan - I thank you men . Good luck in all your prospects and have a great weekend - God Bless You .

    N.B - i sure will support this blog in every way possible by commenting time after time.
    keep up the great work here - Lovn it I am - tyvm .
    TCE4Ever - (Takin Care Of Elvis Forever )

  5. hi, the links is broken please upload again