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Film estadounidense del año 2009 basado en que Elvis está vivo y contratan a un periodista para protegerlo, sin saber de quien se trataba.
Nota: El DVD viene con subtítulos en español.


Parte 1: https://mega.co.nz/#!gYMikSpD!CPRguT3p0Y29_KYPyL7FaRlzPjcEiHD2gLerL7OtZYM
Parte 2: https://mega.co.nz/#!0B9UlKpS!DK7dzTaYUQ3SDjRmGedGtWQ3B7MXt3f8qzrJRTEeTjs
Parte 3: https://mega.co.nz/#!kEthxQYK!bj34fS1wFS7yq7wh7AG65Rg7dYFLLDsz4w8Y1olfBO4
Parte 4: https://mega.co.nz/#!UZlExYhR!AGPyu1i0OeUvx3xhhM18BCaJR8MOoQBLaozHkLJG74M

Crédito: Carlos - Gracias !!!

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  1. Thank You for this movie. On the cover says: "Jay Mohr and Katt Williams are hysterical."??? !!! Just great.

  2. bull shit dvd full, fake!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the movie ! Just finished downloading and plan to watch it later this weekend. I did notice that you hardcoded the spanish subtitles though...

  4. Anónimo14 de septiembre de 2013 16:07
    bull shit dvd full, fake!!!!!!!!

    Must respond to this:

    Well, it is not very polite to critisize others hard work. Everything is free sharing from the heart and with love, lol. And this blog has a very long tradition runs by JAR and friends. Some of us like this blog very much.

    Most of kinda this blogs have already died anyway (Pacones & other such pearls)...and is sad, cause they were good...

    1. Sorry to write for the ones like you but the reality in others words is that you are for sure stupid. Where the hell did you saw a dvd with a bit over 1Gb in size? I wrote where, by fakes like this. Learn and eat it as it is and don't comment as an idiot ignoring the reality.

    2. Mil gracias por el aporte !! Solo para fans! Larga vida al Rey !! Por siempre Elvis !

  5. Does it matter if fake when is free sharring??? Go buy an original lol, then post it here if have balls. I´m out of this stupid fight!!!

  6. It's not a fight, not even a ball's thing.. no matter, like you most of all can't see the difference between a fake or not. Poster simple had to tell that is not a dvd full, nothing else. Eat the fakes.. just because are free.

  7. Ha, Ha ....as long as the movie runs to it´s very end is dvd full fore me, lol. And is not a fight rely as You said...is the "if You give me a finger then I want the whole hand thing" for some of You ...just ain´t satisfied with simple copies ...well, enjoy the originals ...be happy, You have won now.

  8. You meant the movie ripped from a dvd, still far from a full dvd. I had nothing to win, it's 3rd time when I write about same thing, if content is compressed and anyone accept such jokes, nop, but at least Poster might put a little real detail, nothing else, at least for those who cares and were looking for a real dvd copy, not for a ripp.
    Enjoy the movie!

  9. Y a usted porque le molesta tanto? y... por que insulta?
    si no le gusta no entre y a callar, ademas lo que es estupido es entrar a un blog que no le gusta para criticarlo, sobre todo desde el anonimato

  10. Apoyo con mis mas absolutas energías las palabras de Carlos. Es es un blog de buena onda para buena gente y los que no se sienten a gusto o critican e insultan los invito a no ingresar más. Es muy sencillo y así de clarito !!!

  11. Gracias por el post, José Alfonso.
    Lonely Sreet es una película entretenida sin más pretensiones, a lagunos fans nos gusta fantasear con un Rey aún vivo y en buena forma. Hay escenas que emocionan.
    Veredicto: sólo para fans de Elvis!

  12. Los enlaces ya no funcionan, ¿podríais volverla a subir?
    Gracias por vuestro trabajo

  13. Hola, ¿alguien puede resubirla?, ya no funcionan los enlaces.